Design Helps - How can we use empathy as the path for the new normal?

Chris Langenskiöld
Chris Langenskiöld Service Design Lead Mirum Agency

2 Jun 2020, 15:00 EEST


When crisis hits, our focus instinctively shifts back towards our basic needs, like an increased need for safety or food. This affects everything and especially hits hard people in vulnerable positions. It is in moments like these, where service design can offer empathic solutions. Chris will walk us through cases of applied empathy from a service design perspective. Come listen in and get tips on how to inject empathy into your daily work, and see the impact it can have on people’s lives.


Chris is the lead service designer at Mirum (experience agency) and a partner at Tikau (ethical design company). He listens, consults and supports people, teams and organisations in their growth journeys. You will find him at the crossroad between design, psychology and engineering, and if you ask him about his point, it usually is optimistic, holistic and empathic.