From idea to exports in 6 weeks - Covid-19 response case from Kyrö

Mikko Koskinen
Mikko Koskinen Co-founder and Head of Brand Kyrö

11 Jun 2020, 14:00 EEST


Ever heard of hand sanitizer? And how about Kyrö distillery? We thought it might ring a bell, especially after their incredibly agile refocus on customer needs during the pandemic. If you wonder how and why they did it, stay tuned as Mikko Koskinen introduces Kyrö's successful Covid-19 brand actions.


Mikko Koskinen is one of the 5 founders of Kyrö and he has been responsible of branding since 2013. He has founded or worked in several startups ranging from wireless charging to saving journalism. He has been awarded by the prestigious title of Finland's most marketing-oriented engineer. Mikko has done more than 300 stand up gigs, but eventually quit to focus fully on spirits.