Quantum creativity. Growing fluid to counter complexity

Matti Pentikäinen
Matti Pentikäinen Creative Director SEK

16 Jun 2020, 15:00 EEST


Do we imagine enough? Recreate enough? Think fresh enough? Question enough? Invest in seeking the second, third—or the hard answer?
The first reason Matti loves the concept of a brand theme is that it leaves room for interpretation, for angles, for endless variation and for fooling around.
The second reason is that an intuitive brand theme gives you a distinct creative-brief-at-large to base insights against. And it again lets the creative juices overflow.
And the third reason, he loves the way it answers client needs for alignment & adjustment in this complexifying world. Things can be simple. To accommodate getting wild with bourgeoning the unexpected.


As a Creative Director at SEK, Matti Pentikäinen is a conceptualist, strategist, thinker & doer.
He explores creativity from aesthetics to ideas to strategies to finding opportunities. With a background in arts, most of his work is about injecting a gut feeling into business.
Crystallizing the catch. Tapping to the current.