The Answer to Life, Universe and Everything: How to Survive & Thrive as a Creative in a World Gone Bonkers

Sami Viitamäki
Sami Viitamäki Partner & Co-Founder Stealth Startup

24 Jun 2020, 15:00 EEST


Being a creative is hard. Technology companies, media platforms and big consultancies have been eating the creative lunch for the past decade, and now COVID-19 took the last crumbs away. At the same time, being creative is pretty much the only game left in a town where machines already do everything else. This applies regardless of your title, your level or workplace. Sami shares his learnings from the road on how to be and stay creative in a world that's throwing everything and the kitchen sink to break you.


Sami Viitamaki grew up being told he would never be anything and that it doesn't pay to try anything. He tried to prove this wrong by studying at three universities, until he realized that learning without action is just procrastination. He then set out to change the Finnish marketing world, got a big head, went to New York, learned his limits and is finally starting to understand the basics of being a human. He just co-founded a Fintech company and is out to change the world again. With a smaller head this time around.