Trends and predictions

The Random Normal – a most unscientific run through future predictions

Tobias Wacker
Tobias Wacker Executive Creative Director hasan & partners

26 May 2020, 15:00 EEST


Currently we are reading hundreds of predictions on the new normal, yet most of them are the very same. So we’re all drawing the same conclusions, are building the same brands, with the same purpose, the same experiences and the same communication. And yet, the future will surprise us, as it always did. To be prepared to stand out of the endless stream of sameness, we’ll do a wild, controversial and purely subjective view and run-through of the future of business, media, marketing and advertising. The goal is to have fun, to inspire an open mind for the post-corona world and to do our part in ensuring a diverse, cultured and interesting future. Bring your own prediction, discuss and disrupt or just listen in.

ABOUT Tobias

I am exploring creativity in business, marketing strategy and creative execution. I love my work cause I can make things people care about. I believe in keeping things simple and understandable, yet am most interested in the unknown and the unobvious. I am striving for a world without marketing pollution – marketing should make the world a bit better, more fun and more easy. I’m not a professional speaker but a fiery one and what you see is what you get.